I Ate a Worm in Bohol Among Other Things

Yes, that’s absolutely true.

I guess one thing just led to another.

But that’s not the main reason why I went to Bohol.

Let’s all start from the very beginning, shall we?

Getting There


Together with my Cebu Bloggers Society family, we took the 7:30AM trip from Pier 3 in Cebu City to Tubigon Port aboard the state-of-the-art FastCat Ferry.


At first look, I thought it was a hovercraft that could withstand any tidal wave the erratic Philippine weather could bring.



For a 1.5 hour trip as low as 240 pesos, it was definitely the best option. Add 30 pesos and you’ll be upgraded to their air-conditioned premium economy seats where the food and beverage counter is.



I was busy devouring their adobo rice, tuna sandwich and cup noodles while watching one of the staff demonstrate the use of life jackets that I didn’t notice that the ship has already moved.



After the orientation, we were then guided on a tour around the ship where I learned that it was brand new and accredited based on international standards on safety, design and operational excellence.



Let’s imagine a scenario where a competing fast craft to Bohol breaks down in the middle of the sea, believe it or not, FastCat has the capability to tow it safely back to port with its four powerful engines.


You may find the above statement funny but it’s true. Heck, if the Noah’s Ark story in the Bible would ever happen again, you’ll know where to find me.


Our Bohol Adventure

Arriving in Tubigon Port without a hitch, we then hopped in our vans to start checking off our full day itinerary hoping we’ll be able to finish everything in time for our 10:30PM trip back to Cebu City. Here we go:


Tubigon Loomweavers Cooperative

In here we were able to witness first-hand the ever thriving handicraft industry of Tubigon. Support these talented local artisans by buying their world-class products.


Cuisina ni Tisay at Chocolate Hills Adventure Park

We had a sumptuous lunch buffet with a majestic view that took inspiration from traditional Boholano cuisine at Chocolate Hills Adventure Park’s in-house restaurant.



Chocolate Hills

Climbing up more than a hundred steps, the spectacular panoramic view sure at the top was truly worth the tiring ascent. I guess I should’ve brought some chocolates to reward myself with the effort.


Bilar Man-Made Forest

We stopped at this man-made wonder to take the perfect YOLO photo in the middle of the road.


Tarsier Sanctuary

These cute and furry mammals looked like they’re hungover from a crazy party last night. Well according to the guides, they’re nocturnal little monkeys so there’s probably a little truth behind what I said.



Bohol National Museum

If there was one thing I picked up from this visit, it’s that Boholanos worship their Ubi. They have relied on this sweet root crop during harsh periods in history.


And oh, there’s a sexy ritual behind it that’s performed during full moon. Know more about it by attending Bohol’s Ubi Festival.


Blood Compact Shrine

What most people don’t realize is that the conceptualization this statue had its biases on the Spanish conquistadors.


Why? Because the only Boholano depicted here is facing sideways on the left.

The Exotic Chicha-Worm

And the reason why you clicked this blog post in the first place, the Chicha-Worm. Yes, it was deep fried and tasted salty like the skin of green peas, a perfect appetizer for our next stop.



Gerarda’s Family Restaurant

If my mother were to convert our house to a restaurant, it would definitely look like Gerarda’s.



One of Bohol’s signature restaurants and highly-recommended by TripAdvisor, we were able to try their sisig, pancit, tortang talong, adobo squid and lemon chicken.


Bohol Bee Farm Ice Cream

Who would say no to home-made exotic-flavored ice cream in crispy cassava cones?


Final Thoughts

Well I guess you’ll definitely agree that trying out the exotic Chicha-Worm was not the only reason why I visited Bohol and that despite the time constraints, we were able to check off our itinerary with ease.

So what are you waiting for? Now is the time to call up your barkada and check Bohol off your bucket list.


This Bohol adventure was made possible by FastCat’s Ferry Fast, Ferry Safe and Ferry Convenient service.


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