My First Ever TED Talk

No, I was not a speaker.

If I were, what would I talk about?

Things I learned after staying at 30+ hotels for free?

Would you even care to listen to me speak for fifteen minutes?

Heck, I would not even make the cut from TED’s speaker selection committee.

The real question is, would I even have the courage to speak in front of a large crowd?

We’ll never know.

My fascination with TED Talks


It was the first TED talk I’ve witnessed live and it was truly memorable. Kudos to the people behind the successful event.

I have been watching TED talks on YouTube ever since I watched Sir Ken Robinson talk about how schools are killing creativity.

When I got invited for TedXLahug at Marcelo Fernan Press Center, I said yes.

TedXLahug: “Kawanangan”


Independently organized, TEDx brings the TED-like experience to local communities and allows them to come together, share ideas and inspiring stories, and discuss real issues.

TedXLahug had kawanangan as its theme which translates to sky, outer space, or infinity.

According to the organizers, it’s an allegorical perspective of the city – a microcosm filled with limitless possibilities with an equal amount of rich, diverse and unique catalysts.

If you had the same amount of opportunities as there are stars in the night sky, what would you do?

TedXLahug Speakers


With this event, I was able to hear six inspiring stories of people in their pursuit of conquering the unknown:

Jiggy Cerna.: A Radio Show Host


Sadly, I arrived late to the event and missed Jiggy speak, who after asking my next chair neighbors, talked about why you shouldn’t stop learning.

Turns out he is a holder of several degrees – Business Administration, Nursing, and Mass Communication.

Anya Lim: A Fashion Tycoon


Anya talked about promoting Philippine weaving traditions by applying them in contemporary designs for everyday essentials.

By encouraging the millennials to wear local tapestry with pride, the weaving industry will survive and provide stable sources of livelihood in the years to come.

Christopher Go: A Stargazer


Chris is credited for discovering Jupiter’s Red Spot Jr.

He’s a living example that Cebuanos can indeed be world class working alongside scientists from NASA’s Juno Project.

Ara Chawdhury & Christian Linaban: Film Makers


“Every thought unmeasurable by science is a supernatural event”, said by Christian who encourages millennials to support local Binisaya films.

Given that the Philippines isn’t a colony of the United States anymore, in a way we’re still culturally trapped by the influence of Hollywood through propaganda cinema.

The couple suggests that we take a stand and use our very own smartphones to tell our story to the world via social media.

Is this a sign that I should go into Binisaya Vlogging?

Bee Urgello: Beauty Queen and Model


I guess the most heartfelt talk of the night would go to the Queen Bee herself.

She talked about her story growing in a conservative family and her struggles on finding her identity being a transgender woman.

The core of her message? Acceptance.

Erwin Macua: School Guardian


Erwin is the exceptional Cebuano security guard whose success story had inspired Filipinos everywhere.

He sure knows how to make the audience roll in laughter capitalizing on his awkward relationship with his carabao in his hometown.

Despite his age and tight schedule, he took up General Education in the Saint Theresa’s College, juggled both his work, family, and studies, and managed to graduate Cum Laude.

Final Thoughts


Always time well spent, that’s what you get when you attend a TED event.

With its tagline, “Ideas worth spreading”, I guess now it’s time for us to apply what we have learned.

Let us all share these ideas to people who need them the most.


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