The Not So Subtle Art of Getting Lost

Equipped with a compass, a camera and a longing for adventure, the author of an article I read just decided one day to walk north starting from an empty field.

What he found along the way not only sparked his interest but also awakened his natural sense of exploration, an instinctive quality of our primitive ancestors before they settled down and watched TV.

Drawing inspiration from this but with a few modifications, my goal was to create a hike trail that would serve as my daily exercise routine that would hopefully be enjoyable and rewarding at the same time.

I don’t know about you but running around in a loop at a park or in a stadium just bores me to death.

Armed with an endless supply of curiosity, I set aside my first waking hours on a weekend to explore on foot all possible routes within a kilometer radius, with my home as the start and end point.

This might sound a bit easy for those living in the city who decide to just run along the smoky highway with familiar street signs and landmarks compared to someone like me who apparently lives by the foot of a hill.

Since getting lost was indeed part of the process, my first few attempts were quite daunting and exhilarating.

Common sense told me that in order to reach the peak, I needed to choose the general direction that brings me to higher ground.

Every decision to go left or right was a gamble.

I wouldn’t know where the road might take me or when I might possibly hit a dead end.

Although I would be lying if I told you that I never once followed the advice of a goat herder that passed my way.

There’s also the fear of uncertainty.

What if something bad happens to me? What if I get mugged? What if I get injured along the way and no one would be able to rescue me?

Well, we all share these sentiments.

Despite everything, I chose to believe in the kindness of strangers and trusted my survival instincts.

If all else would fail, I’ll be needing every ounce of faith I was born with.

Then slowly exhaustion set in, I decided to let go and surrender to the present moment.

At that second, I slowly got the hang of things and enjoyed the idea of not knowing where I was exactly.

As I became fully aware, I got to see and appreciate the little things around me a little bit more that I didn’t notice that I’ve already arrived at the peak.

Oh, the view was just priceless.

Indeed, the best things in life are free.

This is definitely worth coming back to every single day.

So whenever you feel an itch to break away from routine, you don’t need to travel far or even spend. Look around and use your inner inquisitiveness.

You’ll never know what surprises lay ahead.

Get lost.

The Art of Getting Lost

P.S. Is it just me or does that building in the horizon also look like a f*** you gesture to you?


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