5 Reasons Why You Should Think Twice About Staying At Best Western Plus Lex

You’ve decided to visit the Queen City of the South in a few weeks or probably planning way ahead for Sinulog 2018 and now you’re checking hotels located at the heart of Cebu City’s lifestyle district.

As someone who recently stayed at Best Western Plus Lex Cebu, I’m warning you in advance to think twice upon booking that long-planned overnight stay.

Allow the King of Sinulog to break it down for you with these five reasons:

First Impressions

If there was a zombie apocalypse, I guess I would be fine inside my deluxe room.

In terms of provisions, there’s peanuts, noodles, dried mangoes and biscuits from the snack basket which I could pair with beer, soda, pineapple juice and water from the fridge. Or I could call in room service if they’re still alive. I think I’ll reserve the Red Bull for the extra boost during evacuation.

In terms of looking human, I guess the soap, shampoo, body lotion, bath gel, shower cap, comb, dental kit, shaving kit, sewing kit, hair blower, adjustable mirror, sanitary bag and vanity kit would do just fine.

In terms of maintaining my sanity, the flat screen cable TV across my king-sized bed and across the bathtub is enough along with the music dock and the free unlimited access to the internet. In a way, watching actual humans being chased by the undead in the streets below would be fun as well.

In terms of safety and security, this room is equipped with safety devices and emergency exit guides. I doubt zombies or even your suspicious wife could pass through the key card enabled elevator.

I would also like to praise the bathroom as it automatically lights up when it detected my presence compared to my crush from Cebu Bloggers Society. Also, the overhead shower would be perfect to recreate the dramatic kissing-in-the-rain scene from The Notebook, any volunteers? Ouch, that hurts.

Dining Options

Presuming that the zombies have been pacified and business operations resume as usual, Kai at the ground floor offers a variety of International dishes, including the complimentary breakfast buffet.

However, you could always request to have a romantic meal on the roof deck or order some snacks and have them delivered to your room. Keep posted as I’ll be writing a separate review for Kai.

If you get tired of hotel food however, just go out and look around the vicinity.

Name any cuisine and you’ll find it at either Escario Central, Capitol Square or at Axis by Vibo Place.

I highly recommend that you try out the much sought after Cebu lechon or better yet try the favorite fast food chain of the Filipinos, Jollibee.


I know you’ve always wanted to ride the iconic jeepney. Don’t worry as you can instantly hail one just outside the lobby along with taxis, online car apps and shuttle services to the nearest point of interest.

If you ever need anything that’s not offered by the hotel be it shopping, banking or entertainment, just walk a couple of blocks and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Health and Wellness Services

“Goodbye restaurant reviews”, that’s what I was thinking after using the digital weighing scale beside my bed. I definitely should wake up early tomorrow morning and run back and forth Fuente Osmeña.

Note: There’s a painting of this landmark inspired by the Lucy Urgello-Miller Collection on the wall.

Arriving back to the room at past midnight from a birthday party I attended and getting an amazing massage courtesy of the ever alert front desk, it’s not surprising that I woke up at 9:30 the next day.

Good thing I could do my barely used exercise routine at the gym on the roof deck or probably swim a few laps at the infinity pool.

Roof Deck on the 10th Floor

In here you’re surrounded with partitioned glass wind-breakers which not only provide good ventilation but would also guarantee that your Western Steak Plus won’t fly out from your plate.

Don’t be surprised if you don’t see Filipinos sunbathing on the lounging chairs but do expect us watching the sunset from the infinity pool while sipping the cocktail for the month of June.

If you’re not planning on checking-in, you could avail of the day use at PHP350 per person inclusive of pool use, towel and wash room.

Just make sure to book a reservation in advance and be informed that the management strictly implements a corkage fee for outside food and drinks, and please wear proper swimming attire.

Final Thoughts

You might be a bit confused about reading the reasons above hoping to read a blazing negative review about Best Western Plus Lex Cebu. For a four-star hotel that’s carrying the international Best Western brand, I guess that’s highly unlikely.

Although you might ask, “How would this review affect my decision in booking an overnight stay?”

Hopefully now you’ll realize that you should definitely think twice about staying only one night.

Lex Writeup

 *This feature first appeared on Out of Town Blog on June 18, 2017.

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