All Access to BLOQ’s Independence Day Roof Deck Party

I don’t know why but I just love it when I’m at the top of a skyscraper.

I guess because it generates the feeling of being “The King of the World”, like what Jack and Rose experienced aboard the Titanic.

Or maybe I just love seeing the 360 degree view, watching miniature versions of people and vehicles down below.

Where did it happen?

BLOQ Residences at Talamban

When I heard of an event that’s being held at a roof-deck of a condominium residence right across SOS Children’s Village in Talamban that’s jeepney accessible via 13C, I said yes.

There’s a frickin open bar!

Free flowing drinks from the open bar

I mean, who could say no to free flowing drinks?

Actually, I’m no connoisseur when it comes to cocktails. So I asked the bartender to surprise me.

After a sip, I instantly loved the concoction. When I asked the bartender what it was called, he told me he just made it up on the spot. He even suggested to name the drink after me.

So I asked for another glass of the King of Sinulog, cheers brother!

Secretly worshipping the food


Turns out, a few rounds of this bad boy would make your stomach growl.

Thankfully, delectable offerings provided by Salt by John Mark were already spread out.

Food Spread by Salt by John Mark

Being a ‘conservative’ eater, I sampled one of each of the burgers, pizza, puff pastry and cacao bites.

If you’re going to ask me if I went back a second, third or fourth time, that would be confidential.

Sneak peek to the loft

Checking out the view

Having had enough of the food and drinks and the acoustic duo performing their own rendition of Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car, I went down a flight of stairs to check out their fully-furnished loft.

Going down via stairway

You never know, maybe BPI’s three million glitch on my bank account would be irreversible which would enable me to buy this unit in cold cash.


First impressions? I could live here.

Kitchen Counter

The loft looked like the ones I’ve seen being featured on cable TV capitalizing on maximizing the available space.

It comes with your own bathroom, a living room, kitchen countertop and a bedroom accessible via stairs which indeed woke up the Tarzan in me.

View of Talamban

The best part? You could choose the color of your door, and I’m torn between fuchsia and carnation pink.

Like a blank canvass to an artist, presuming you know how to paint, you’re free to customize the unit to your own liking. If you don’t, hire your crush who’s an interior designer.

Personal Bathroom

The best part? You could rent to own this loft for as low as five thousand pesos a month!

Still not convinced? Well at least I’ve done my part in preaching #Adulting101.

Second Floor of the Loft

In the end, it’s still up to you if you want to live in that same-priced timeworn apartment.

Or at BLOQ which comes with a roof deck lounge, reception hall, parking slots, 24-hour security and other basic amenities. You decide.

Back to the Party

It was getting a bit crowded in the loft with several other guests checking it out for themselves.

I also heard of a Cebuano #hugot poem being read out loud with feelings that it made me curious to get back to the roof deck to know what the commotion was all about.

Juanita Romualdez renders an original song

It was Juanita Romualdez and it was love at first sight, I mean ‘at first hear’. Check her out on YouTube!

Final Thoughts

Fiona King on BLOQ's advocacy

And since this party won’t last forever, it was ended with a word of thanks from developer Fiona King of RFK Holdings Incorporated emphasizing on empowering young Cebuanos to invest in real estate.

I don’t know about you but after this event I was inspired to #LiveIndependently.

Divine Maitland-Smith for BLOQ

If someone could guarantee that Divine Maitland-Smith would be my next door neighbor, I’m definitely calling my banker.

About BLOQ

Developed by RFK Holdings, Inc., BLOQ Residences is the door that leads to independence. BLOQ offers the first essential step to freedom – a space to call your own. A space designed specifically with young professionals in mind, and for everyone bidding for independence. A space you can transform with your creativity, and colour with your individuality.

It is a first in the real estate industry in Cebu, developed for their clients who are celebrating their first successes in life as well.

As you continue to reach new heights, achieve new goals, and embark on new adventures, BLOQ Residences will continue to build uniquely defined homes for the pioneering, the go-getters and the trailblazers.

DJ at the Independence Day Party

For more details, check out this feature from Zee Lifestyle, this online rates brochure and also a virtual reality preview on their official website and their Facebook page.





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