Flip Cup Night at Le Village Hostel

Two days ago, the Cebu Bloggers Society members were invited by Mr. Junel Nepomuceno for an overnight stay at Le Village Guesthouse, Bar and Restaurant located right across Royal Concourse Buffet Restaurant along Gorordo Avenue near Asilo de la Milagrosa Church.

Paris Kebab in front of Le Village

The place started its operation just last January 2015, and has been rated the number one hostel by TripAdvisor for 12 consecutive months. This was my man-cave last Sinulog 2016 and now I’m back with other bloggers on a mission to find out the secret to what made this guesthouse a favorite among its new clients and returning guests.



Waiting for the others to arrive (Photo by Lyssa Amor)

At first, the thought of convening seven people who barely knew each other under one roof in a backpacker hostel full of Westerners was quite a daunting task. Restaurant and event reviews were easy since you can talk about the event which lasts for only 3 hours max, quick hellos and goodbyes would suffice.

Movie Marathon Area

In comparison, we were stuck in an event that lasts for 24 hours! What if we ran out of things to talk about or got bored with each other’s company? That would surely be awkward.

P1180386The Red Room good for 8 persons (Air-conditioned Dorm Type)

Initially, Junel’s plan was to spread each one of us in all the rooms to get a whole idea of all room accommodations. However, I suggested that it was better if we stayed in a single room since the idea of sleeping with complete strangers was not for everyone. It was settled then that we were staying at Room 8, an air-conditioned dorm-type room, nicknamed the Red Room composed of four bunk beds with a pillow and a blanket each.

P1180389Free hot and cold drinking water and use of appliances

The guesthouse has 13 available rooms capable of accommodating at least 60 people. Three of these rooms have personal bathrooms while the rest shared a common bathroom and toilet. One can stay here for as low as PHP450 a night with free drinking water and WIFI.

P1180392Shared toilet, shower and sink capable of accommodating 12 people in one setting

We were composed of Mae and Gaylord, Angel, Ian, Ly, Lyssa and yours truly. We settled at the bamboo lounge at the front after placing our bags inside the Red Room as each one arrived in the afternoon. The conversation was okay at first and it became a bit AWKWARD. Thankfully, they had stable WIFI for us to escape through social media. As hours passed, each one gradually loosened up a bit and we were able to enjoy each other’s company.

Dinner with Ola and Le Village Management
15-Course Dinner with Ola Resto and Le Village Management

The highlight of the evening was dinner with the business partners at Ola Resto in Escario which I will discuss in further detail in a separate article. If I were to express our dining experience in one single word, that word would be “outstanding”. After thanking Miss Relna and Attorney Jun, we were on our way back to Le Village for the after party.

Beer Garden at night
Interview portion with the management (Photo by Junel Nepomuceno)


Back at the guesthouse, we noticed that the atmosphere at the Beer Garden was a bit gloomy for a Saturday night, which was a rare occurrence. Since we’re nearing Holy Week, we guessed that people are now eyeing on the beach. But this didn’t stop Junel’s fun vibe and lively spirit. Despite having a full-packed Saturday, he made sure that we would have a great weekend.

Flip Cup with Mestiza Tower (Photo by Junel Nepomuceno)
The Human Pyramid Consequence (Photo by Junel Nepomuceno)
Cebu versus London Billiards Match

After a few rounds of Flip Cup paired with four Mestiza Towers with the losers doing human pyramids and human centipedes, a karaoke concert on a projected screen at Traffic Club, a serious 8-ball billiards match between Philippines and London and a taste of Paris Kebab after finishing at around past 3 in the morning, it was indeed time well-spent. I don’t know how, but in making sure that people are having a good time, Junel’s a natural.

Karaoke concert at Traffic Club

On a side note, Paris Kebab is a month-old food stall installation in front of the guesthouse offering long breads filled with kebabs (strips of 24-hour marinated breast chicken cooked on a skewer usually with vegetables) and falafel (small croquette of mashed monggo beans seasoned with sesame seeds) drizzled with varying sauces (Samurai sauce is a must-try) as they are made in the streets of France.

P1180496Paris Kebab in front of Le Village


Regular Kebab Sandwich with French Fries and Drink at PHP115

P1180499Regular Falafel Sandwich with French Fries and Drink at PHP100

Have a healthy, yummy and authentic sandwich anytime since they are open daily for 24 hours!

Cebu Bloggers Society Members with the men behind Paris Kebab

Aside from everything I’ve mentioned, you should look out for the launching of their Beer Garden with Brazilian Barbecue, the upcoming renovation of Traffic Club, Bar and Restaurant under Ola Resto and Summit Circle Management and the opening of Le Village Guesthouse in Moalboal and Oslob. Don’t worry since the Cebu Bloggers Society has got it all covered for you in the next few weeks to come.

McDonalds Breakfast from Junel with love

Do I still need to tell you Le Village’s secret? Oh well, that leaves me no choice but to spill the beans. In a world filled with technology, busy careers and luxury accommodations, people are becoming more and more isolated in the recent years. Le Village is designed to fight off this sense of loneliness and bring back two words called “human connection”. Remove the superficial aspect of life and share a meaningful conversation with another guest at Le Village, where strangers become friends. LATER!


Have you stayed at Le Village? Share your experiences below!

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