8 Things I Learned After Eating at 20+ Restaurants in 4 Days

For you people to have an idea about #CebuFoodCrawl, it is the first formally organized food tour in the Queen City of the South participated by local food bloggers with the help of the Cebu Bloggers Society in partnership with Zomato, Smart and local food establishments.

Here are 8 things I learned during my 4-day gastronomic journey:

  1. The event was finalized in less than a month.

12308512_10153629636435071_1936293153341337488_nWow! Imagine the 20+ restaurants that confirmed at a second’s notice. This is not an easy feat to pull off! You’ll need good team collaboration, resourcefulness and most importantly, influence, for this kind of event to materialize. Think of the planning, logistics, scheduling and appointments that transpired behind the scenes. That way you can appreciate all the work and valuable time the key members of the organizing committee have invested.

  1. Get used to seeing other bloggers become paparazzis with the food items as the celebrities.

8 Things I Learned During My First-Ever Cebu Food CrawlHonestly, I actually found this a bit funny at first. I was not able to adjust quickly seeing people climb on chairs just to get a better photo angle, shoulder to shoulder while zooming in on the perfect shot or better yet seeing bloggers synchronize on flapping out their phones and cameras each time a new entrée arrives. If I were the food, I would surely be annoyed with the attention put on me. It’s like Justin Bieber showing up at Baseline during Sinulog. Hahahaha!

  1. To fully appreciate the prepared meal, eat only a little of everything at first.

New folderThis is a typical rookie mistake. You eat like a horse on the first offering just to realize that there are still ten more dishes to go. All it takes is just one bite, just one tiny little bite and then when everything has been served, that’s the time you get more from your favorites. In relation to this, never eat rice or drink soda for that matter. A cup of hot tea would be a better alternative.

  1. You become inspired of the path to entrepreneurial success from people who followed their passion

8 Things I Learned During My First-Ever Cebu Food Crawl (2)And also to their heartbreaks and failures. I adored the rags to riches story of Miss Raquel of The Chocolate Chamber. I actually see her as Amor Powers in real life by the way. Laughs. I also admire the path taken by Coy Oliva of Gibb’s, from just having a weekly escape from their wives to a thriving hot wings business. But what struck me the most was the story of Chef Ipar that for six long years and despite of his continuous efforts and varying approaches to attracting customers, he never really gained sustainable success. This is where we, as online marketing ambassadors, step in. We should help connect the food makers to the food eaters. Thanks to Zomato and CFC, using our own creative way, we could help local businesses thrive and get noticed to the public.

  1. Just when you thought the full day of eating is over, there’s still one stop left.

P1090360This is also very similar to: just when you think the meal is over, there’s still one more dish left or one more buffet stop for that matter. Remember Port Seafood Restaurant? Laughs. We should do a food run the next time in between stops just to regain back our full appetite. Haha!

  1. I learned that Civet is a type of wild cat that commonly resides in Mt. Apo.

P1090656One of the most expensive coffees in the world (Kopi Luwak), truth be told, is literally organic cat shit from a Civet. I’m not ‘shitting’ with you! Laughs. Civet’s manager even showed me a picture of the Civet on her phone. Laughs. I don’t know about you but I’m okay with my roasted natural coffee beans as long as it’s not from Mount Apo. Hahahaha!

  1. You can never appreciate enough the love and careful thought put in every single dish. Food Trips Section BannerAttention is put into every tiny detail be it the tenderness of the meat, the proper heat of the pan, the freshness of the ingredients, the careful balance of spices or even the plating and garnish. These people in the kitchen work long hard hours just to perfect a single recipe. Servers do their best to meet your needs despite not receiving a single compliment or a small tip during their shift. So please stop complaining about the high price tag or the once in a blue moon mistake in your order and just eat the goddamn food and be grateful.Be grateful
  2. The easiest way to a man’s heart or basically forming new friendships is over good food.

Food Crawl - CopyFood is the ultimate bonding mechanism. We actually came up with the name: Team Patay Gutom! Our mission is to take a food shot in less than 10 seconds so as not to stress out our salivating mouths with the long waiting time before taking the first bite usually when the food is already cold and the feeling of wanting the food is gone! Laughs. The first day went really awkward with all the strangers around eating with me. But as the days went by, you’ll see how everyone just relaxed and just went with the flow. You’ll see the change in body language in the group pictures from Ipar’s up to Pink Heaven. I’m very happy that I’ve made a lot of new and ‘glorious’ friends. Clearly, the Cebu Food Crawl last November 27 to 30, was one of the best weekends of my life.

Cheers to friendship



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  1. khitsugaya says:

    Enjoyed the Cebu Food Crawl too! it was great though I only attended one day 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sayang. There’s still next year though! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. khitsugaya says:

        Yeah! Definitely prepping for that 🙂


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