Finding Meaning In ‘Just Blogging’

I just had a meaningful conversation with Ganni, a very friendly bro here at Big Hotel in Mandaue, who’s from Boljoon near Dayhag Falls in Southern Cebu, Philippines.

He told me that ever since Out of Town Blog featured this hidden gem in their little sitio last month, their local tourism suddenly skyrocketed!

To tell you the truth, there was indeed no international blog covering this magnificent natural wonder, only a local newspaper.

Most tourists, after seeing the whalesharks in Oslob would immediately visit Dayhag Falls next because of the article feature.

Ganni also told me that when he went home, the habal-habal drivers were really very thankful that they can still manage to get a decent income because of foreign tourists.

All of this was credited to just “one blogger” who made it all possible.

Hearing this from a random stranger was really inspiring and it really made me very happy knowing that I was able to help a little town in my own little way. Talk about an instant refresher!

Just wanted to let you all know.


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  1. Janine Ella says:

    This is one of the best things of being a blogger! Blogs have a wider reach than those local newspapers!

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    1. True! We just have to be pro-active with the needs of the community, a sense of responsibility for that matter! Thanks for dropping by Janine! 🙂


  2. Rovi says:

    Wow, again, wow! I wish I can do that too here in our place in Bicol!

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    1. That’s the plan, being ambassadors of our own hometown is a great purpose in itself 🙂

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