Staging a fake death and eulogy

All Saints Day.

Filipinos gather at the cemetery to remember their loved ones who passed away. Memories about what they were like when they were still alive, their lasting stories, their legacy.


I can’t help but wonder if my existence would be forgotten like a speck of dust in the universe. Well, I guess it’s time to build myself a foundation. Or probably write a best-selling book for that matter.

The world is a very dangerous place; you’ll never get out of it alive. Death is a mystery. What happens in the after life? Nobody knows.

I also have this weird idea of staging my eulogy while I’m still breathing wherein my friends would say good and bad things about me and how i was able to touch their lives, with me just lurking behind the walls.. I just think it useless saying nice things to the dead. They can’t appreciate it that much.

That’s why everytime i see something worth complimenting, i just say it to you flat out. Just take it and go, i dont care if you tell me that i have a messianic issue, or that you think that im just doing it to gain favour. What i need from you is this: acceptance. Accept that you are special and you deserve my praise.

What if you knew that you only have 86,400 seconds left to live?

Live each and every day as if it were your last. You’ve been warned.




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  1. milai says:

    Love the vivid colors in your photos. Thanks for dropping by!


    1. Appreciate it! Feel free to take a sneak peek at your own pace.


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