Launched my Album For Free at Blue Elephant Sky Lounge

The album, “A Certain Shade of Nostalgia” was made by accident.

It was just a personalized gift for Christmas (Manito-Manita) based on a week’s theme.

I burned some past audio recordings from my laptop back in college to a blank CD.

Since I knew a little bit about graphic imagery, I made use of good quality pictures taken of me by Noel Fernandez.

It actually looked LEGIT and it really made me proud of my resourcefulness. The album costed at only about 20 pesos per set.


I actually planned on approaching a few bars all around Cebu City.

When I recently dined at Blue Elephant Sky Lounge, I instantly fell in love with the place. With its excellent view of the business district and Ayala Center, this was the perfect place.

I dressed up to look like somebody big and visited the rooftop bar. I got to know the manager, Englebert, and told him that I was a blogger (this was not true at the moment). I then talked to him about featuring the place for my website (I didn’t have one yet). Shook hands and planned a next visit this time with a meeting with the owner of the bar.

This was the moment when I brought a copy of the album with me. The meeting didn’t push through when I came back because something came up. I guess this put Englebert in an uneasy and embarrassed position.

I grabbed the opportunity to mention about the album I am planning to launch. His response was quite welcoming. We made a non-verbal exchange deal that I get to promote my album if I perform free of charge.

As if I was that popular to have a talent fee! Laughs.

Once everything was finalized, I made a program, invited a few friends and family members.mThe show was a success despite of some bloopers and zero practice sessions with the resident band.

Overall, this was a story of a nobody that became a somebody for a night through a passion for music.


A Certain Shade of Nostalgia is a time capsule of memories.

It’s like browsing through old photos, eliciting certain emotions, reminiscing and re-living every single moment with clarity.

This independently produced album is a fun project. I do not aspire to be the best musician out there. Leave those to the geniuses.

The goal here is not to achieve fame, wealth or praise. It is an initiative to being imperfect and not care about the outcome. It is a rebellion towards standards, unsolicited criticism and commercialization of music. Music should be free and be made available to every individual. This is the main reason why I chose: “Grab a copy and donate.” The idea is to get the album’s perceived value based from its listeners.” Because let’s face it, the man’s gotta eat and pay the bills also. I’m telling you that  there’s nothing wrong with singing your heart out and making an album out of it.

If I can do it, Anne Curtis can do it, then why can’t you?

THE EVENT WAS CALLED: #ThePassionMovement

It happened on the 19th floor of Apple One Tower on a Saturday, March 7th, 6pm!



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