The Self-Proclaimed King of Sinulog

My past Sinulog experiences were boring as hell.

I was the watcher not the doer. I was contented seeing other people take all the fun.

I was determined to change that for 2015.

That is why for 24 hours on the biggest festival in Cebu, I finally decided to become a party animal for a day.

Hence, the self-proclaimed King of Sinulog was born.

Not much more to add here really, well:

  • Mostly, I got free drinks.
  • Had my jersey signed by random fun people I met.
  • Mistaken for a celebrity, and an official mascot.
  • Became a hype man for Monster Radio.
  • Ventured through all the clubs until morning.
  • Paintensity and Lifedance for free
  • Got to meet interesting people

I’m a simple guy, really.

For me, happiness is a chilly night out by the beach with close friends, waves crashing, sharing meaningful stories by the fire paired with barbecue and rhum with the ukulele playing Jack Johnson’s Better Together in the background.

I prefer reading at home than going to social events like catching up at a coffee shop or watching movies at the mall. I don’t like malls, and clubs for that matter.

When I’m given the option of going to the beach versus clubbing, the beach always wins.

Not that I don’t enjoy being with the crowd, I just believe in the saying, the lesser the people, the merrier. Maybe that’s the essence of the outdoors or the reason why I enjoy solo trips. Or maybe because why I only have a handful of high quality friends.

But once in a while, I welcome a good challenge such as this.

At least, I got an epic story to tell.





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